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Do you want to boost your Presentation and public speaking Skills quickly and permanently?

If you or your team struggle with making an impact in their presentations – that’s now in the past.

If, on a scale of 1 to 10, your competence is a 10 but your communication skills are a 5, you be seen as a 5 

To succeed in business, communicating your expertise matters.

Impact Presenting® is a proven methodology for presentation and public speaking training, for both live/in-person and virtual presentations. 

This is not training on PowerPoints but instead how to create and communicate a message that audiences listen to and take action on.

Results don’t take weeks or months – You’ll see improvement within 2 to 4 hours (1 on 1 class) or 1 to 2 days (group class).  

Even if you are shy or introverted, the Impact Presenting 4-step system  helps you deliver presentations which make an impact – both on your audience, and your career.

With Impact Presenting® 4-Steps Learn To:

  • In our training, coaching, and seminars you’ll learn to: 
    • Fearless public speaking for shy people / introverts
    • Overcome “impostor syndrome” and project authority and competence
    • Speak with impact to your boss, executives & C-Suite
    • Master virtual and hybrid presentations across Zoom or Teams (or any platform)
    • Get better results from your client presentations with key persuasion techniques
    • Deliver overviews on complicated subjects that non-experts can understand
    • Engage your audience and get the buy-in you need to make your plans and ideas happen!
    • Inform, motivate, train, or persuade an audience of 1 person or an audience of 1000 people, anytime & anywhere

Because You Have Important Things to Say!

    • General Public Speaking
    • Client and Sales Presentations
    • Trade Show & Investor Pitches
    • Presentations to Internal/External Stakeholders
    • Virtual and Hybrid Meetings 
    • High-potential Talent Development
    • Explaining Expert Subject Matter 
    • Organizational Change Speeches
    • Scientific & University Level Presentation Training

How Can You Learn Impact Presenting?

One-on-one coaching (virtually or in person)

Attend an open-enrollment seminar across select European cities

Book an in-house class for your company anywhere in Europe, the UK, or North America.

Virtual classes are offered worldwide.

And after the class?

You will look forward to opportunities to speak with more confidence, and make a greater impact on your audiences, customers, colleagues, boss, or business partners because instead of reading your slides, you can deliver real value to your listeners.

This class offers an immediate return on your training investment

Since starting in 2011, we’re proud to say we have helped thousands of professionals coming from dozens of countries enjoy greater success on whichever stage they find themselves on.

Read a few Statements from previous happy clients
and our 100+ google reviews

Francesca Manta

Associate Director, Business Social Responsibility
BSR Copenhagen approached Eric to organize a team Impact Presenting workshop .. then Covid-19 hit! Eric demonstrated great flexibility and agility in accommodating for the new situation, re-scoping the workshop to an online course focused on the new reality of 'Zoom' presenting and distanced working. We greatly enjoyed the sessions, learned so much about impactful online facilitation and definitely put these learnings into practice. I definitely can recommend Eric and his team, thanks so much!

Dr Susanne Kruse

Program Director, Hanover Biomedical Research School
Eric Molin has been our trainer for the Impact Presenting workshop at Hannover Biomedical Research School since 2018. We have about 250 international PhD students in our graduate school and they enjoy Eric 2019s courses very much. The feedback is always excellent. We are happy to have him and will certainly arrange further courses in the future.

Oliver Dumboeck

Founder & Chief Technical Officer, NativeWaves GmbH
I'm not a big fan of doing presentations, but Eric's energetic and hands-on teaching helped me to increase my confidence as well as giving me some nice tips and tricks to rely on. I really liked the approach and focus on practice with immediate feedback during the workshop.
Talia S.
Talia S.
Amazing and interactive workshop that really helped me a lot in improving my presentation skills and feeling less anxious about public speaking. Eric also knows how to create a great atmosphere for learning!
Alejandra Á.
Alejandra Á.
Eric leads by example by delivering an impactful presentation himself. He gives great advice on tips, speech structure and body language and encourages you to present by the end of the session and get valuable feedback.Great session, got me totally engaged.
Ilaria I.
Ilaria I.
A day really well spent learning how to get more confident in public speaking! Not just a lecture, but an interactive discussion with plenty of guidelines to be a better public speaker. I particularly appreciated the book coming with the course,great quality.
Benedetta S.
Benedetta S.
Great class lead by Eric! Interactive, engaging and really straight to the point. Highly recommended if you want to work on your presentations skills and get more confident.
Great course with many practical tips easy to remember. Eric is a fantastic coach and he’s himself also a professional public speaker.
Zsolt S.
Zsolt S.
Learned a lot how to engage the audience and how to maintain their focus on my presentation. This course should have been a mandatory exercise for the whole company.Many believe they know everything about presenting. Attending Eric Molin's course will likely make you realise there is much more to it than just speaking freely. Very much recommended.
Scott B.
Scott B.
Eric Molin is a fantastic pubic speaking coach! I had the opportunity to take his class as a part of development training at my place of employment and his knowledge and passion for public speaking has had a lasting impact on my presentation abilities. I recommend Eric's class for anyone looking to improve their verbal communication skills!
Lennart K.
Lennart K.
Eric gave a great talk at the TEDx Talk of the RWTH Aachen, I could take a lot with me. I watched the other talks closely through his techniques and tips and could see how applicable his given tips for good communication and a good talk are. Very important input to convince in everyday life in and through talks.
Robert G.
Robert G.
Unlike some other trainings, this course is not cluttered with content, but focuses on 4 essential steps that even amateur speakers like me can memorize and learn effectively. Eric is a great coach. He keeps the class engaged and makes this a valuable and fun experience. Recommended.
Andrew Y.
Andrew Y.
Eric came and gave a workshop on presentation skills that really helped me elevate my confidence during public speaking, and gave several useful tools for planning virtual presentations I hadn’t thought of. Overall, I HIGHLY recommend. Thanks, Eric!
Jakub W.
Jakub W.
By enrolling in courses that benefit me, I am able to improve my knowledge and skills in a positive and supportive environment. This not only enhances my expertise in the field, but also provides me with ample opportunities to develop essential skills.
Good teacher, giving feedback and valuable tips. He gave us an online course an none of us were Eglish native speakers . He was very clear, managed the time quite well, and involved all of us in the training.Thanks
Pimpan S.
Pimpan S.
It was an amazing workshop! I love it so much. Eric gave a lot of tips and pointed out for something you might never noticed. I can feel that now I am more confident and ready for a public talk 🙂
Maha M.
Maha M.
It was an amazing interactive workshop! Honestly the best I’ve had in years! Eric gave us so many useful practical trips for a better presentation and i would recommend the workshop to everyone regardless of their field!
Shawn S.
Shawn S.
Eric was a great help in sharpening my presentation skills. The tools and techniques I learned from him really made a positive difference in my approach to public speaking. I would recommend!
Antonia L.
Antonia L.
I had long-lasting wish to have a Training for Presentations skills with the native speaker. I wanted to have either UK or US trainer, but preferably US one as I consider them for good public speakers. It was not easy to find somebody in my part of the Europe (Central), but when I saw the possibility to have one and one with good rating in Vienna, I immediately applied.It met all my expectations - it was lively, with many practical examples (either via videos or we could have trained our own topics). We got many tips about how to relax before going on the stage, how to open the speech, what to do with the arms/hands/legs and eyes. We had opportunity to ask many questions, give each other feedback, but also go into tips for eg. Virtual meetings.I can only recommend that kind of the training to anybody who would like to practice speaking in front of the people
Izzy K.
Izzy K.
As a shy person who always had nervous breakdowns before presentations, I very much enjoyed this training since Eric really makes one feel comfortable and thought us lots of tricks to calm down and gain confidence and present in a way that its a story and not just boring blabla. The training really gives you a framework how to build your presentations in your own way and work and build up on it over the years to come.Eric is a very down to earth person and makes one feel super comfortable, which is really necessary since you need to be able to open up when presenting. He gave us the perfect platform to test our own limits and play around with our competences.
Matthew D.
Matthew D.
My team and I had the privilege of attending a one-day intensive with Eric Molin and we thoroughly enjoyed it. He was creative, engaging and gave encouraging feedback to all of us. By the end of the day we had all made considerable steps towards becoming better communicators.Thank you, Eric!
Diana M.
Diana M.
Eric is an absolute pro and his personal story is a true inspiration to the world. Taking you outside the box and sharing techniques which actually work, Eric has made the workshop with my colleagues fun, memorable and extremely useful! Highly recommended to anyone.
Daniel B.
Daniel B.
I attending the two-day Impact Presenting course and found it to be very useful and practical. Eric has developed an excellent reference manual and his clear guidance and feedback on short presentations given by the participants had an immediate and visible positive impact.
Avery P.
Avery P.
Eric was a great coach and gave everyone in the class great tips on becoming a better speaker. How to build on your weaknesses and speak with more confidence. Thank you!
Joosje van E.
Joosje van E.
This was the best and most motivating workshop on presentation skills I have ever been to. I am usually a very nervous public speaker but Eric convinced me with this workshop that public speaking can be a fun and entertaining activity for both the speaker and the audience which makes the experience better for everyone 🙂 really great workshop.


Open-Enrollment Presentation and public speaking Skill Courses

If you want to attend a group-class as an individual, then our public open-enrollment Impact Presenting courses are a great option, held across the US, Europe, as well as virtually

For learning something like presentation skills, which is activity based, a big group makes no sense because there is no chance to practice what you learn. 

This is why our open-courses are held in groups of only 3 to 6 people, all of whom are on the same journey, so we can maximize hands-on practice time.

Flyer for Impact Presenting Presentation Skills Class Zurich
Zurich 2-Day Impact Presenting Class
October 3, 2024
Backeranlage, Zurich
Vienna 2-Day Impact Presenting Class
June 20, 2024
Am Gestade 3, A1010 Wien
Presentation Skills Class, Impact Presenting, Course Flyer
Amsterdam 2-Day Impact Presenting Class
September 30, 2024
Regus - Amsterdam WTC, H Toren, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Choose your city and we'll let you know when we are there!


In-House & On-site Presentation and Public Speaking Skills Courses

Are there others in your company who need presentation and public speaking skills coaching? 

Or do you want to develop your team’s skills in combination with another company event i.e. building a stronger team with a presentation skill team-building event so you can make the most out of scheduled company get-togethers?

Then an in-house event is your best option. Have a customized training, coaching session, or keynote talk, delivered at your company offices or off-site location of your choosing with a completely flexible schedule, class size, and agenda that fits your exact needs.

Public Speaking Schedule


We offer 2 hour, 1/2 day, 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day courses.

The length depends on how much time you have to invest, and which level of skill you are trying to reach.

Some clients are happy to give their teams the basics and let them go figure it out. In this case, 2 or 3 hours is fine. Other managers want their teams to have hand-on practice so for this we recommend 1 or 2 days.

But just tell us what's going on and we'll work with your schedule and not expect it the other way around. We can work on short-notice!

Group size:

Following on to the timetables, again its based on your goal. For an informational session, we have have 1000 people on a call. But if you want them to have "hands-on" practice, group size must be limited to give everyone enough stage time.

Public Speaking Schedule

Curriculum and agenda:

The agenda is customized to your exact situation, industry, and challenges in mind. With several pre-event consultations, we define the agenda and goals and discuss possible challenges so we can deliver you a successful custom one-of-a-kind workshop . An event which not only gets you the results you need, but will be talked about organizational-wide for long after!

If you want to know more, just get in touch!

Get to know head-coach ERIC MOLIN 

Eric Molin is an international public speaking expert, head coach, author, and founder of Impact Presenting. He has 12+ years of experience as an international speech coach, having worked across 17 countries. He has both an MBA (Krems) and training in stage acting (Meisner). 

His passion is helping people say what they have to say, on any stage, anytime and about any subject.

See him in action from a 1 minute clip of his TEDx Talk in Aachen; Germany

He offers a fun learning experience with learning by doing and experimentation, avoiding the academic approach. His classroom is a place to try new things, discover skills and talents you never knew you had and become the best speaker you can be.

Originally from the US, he has lived in Vienna, Austria, for approximately half his life and spends most of his time on the road teaching classes across Europe and North America.


Some statistics


Graduates of our training


How many training projects we've completed


Countries where our class has been taught

Some frequently asked questions

Short answer: 

One-on-one coaching sessions provide a more personalized approach, tailored to your individual needs and challenges, and schedule that works for you. 

Group coaching sessions, on the other hand, provide an opportunity to learn with other professionals on the same learning journey as you and get valuable and unique ideas and feedback.

Talk with us to help you choose the best option based on your goals, learning style, budget, and schedule

It depends on where you currently are and how far you want to go. For 1-to-1 lessons, read a quick case-study here:  with before/after video to give you what’s possible with 2 hours of training.

For our group sessions, over 75 % of our clients reported that the 2-day group class was enough to “considerably” boost their presentation skills and only 20% of clients opted to return for a follow on course.

We’ve got references. Lots of them.

We have a 5* Google Rating and head coach Eric Molin has 70 LinkedIn recommendations

If you want a reference from a specific project, industry, or person,  let us know.

Training success is based on whether we meet the goals and objectives that you set for us at the beginning of the coaching process.

Client expectations range from wanting to go from “good to great”, to wanting to deliver routine presentations in a fun and engaging way. Others want to deliver important talks without an anxiety attack, and others want to increase the tangible impact (ROI) they are making from each presentation.

Everyone has a particular goal, and our job is to hit that goal.

Financial ROI is more tricky to calculate but we do have a few examples -we are happy to discuss this in a personal consultation. 

On-site, we work anywhere in Europe, the UK, and the US/Canada. Virtually, anywhere worldwide.

No problem at all! Great presentations are about more than the linguistic fluency, and 70% of our clients have a mother tongue other than English. Impact Presenting is not a “rhetoric” class. Its a system for neuro-friendly presentations which get results across languages and cultures.

Open-classes need at least 3 people to take place (with a maximum of 6), and if we have only 1 or 2 people, we might reschedule to a later date. Likewise, once a class sells out, we remove it from the website. Our advice: if you are interested in a class, let us know, even if you are not 100% sure.

Presentation and Public Speaking SKILL 

Blog & case studies

In case you are wondering “What is a presentation and public speaking skills class like?”  then you can read more about some of our previous seminars and client projects in the case study blog posts below

Transform your Public speaking and presenting skills with Impact Presenting



What's Going On?

Email us (or just call!) about your presentation and public speaking skill needs. Whether you're an individual looking to improve your presentation skills or a business wanting your team to own the stage - we want to hear from you. We aim to answer all inquires within the same business day.


Chat with Us

We'll discuss your requirements and goals in more detail and answer any questions you may have as well as show you which training/coaching options are available and suitable for your specific needs.


Get a Custom Offer

Based on our discussion, we'll put together a uniquely tailored offer custom designed specifically for your needs at a competitive price.


Start Presenting with Impact!

Once our offer is accepted and a date is booked, you are set! You'll probably have another consultation or two in preparation.

And after the training you and/or your team will be able (the next day!) to deliver better presentations, own the stage in meetings, and make your impact.

Give us a few details to get started and we’ll be in touch.

*Privacy/GDPR notice: We will use your details to contact you about your request and send you updates about our public speaking events. You may stop communications and have your information deleted at any time