For the best possible experience for everyone involved, here are a few ground rules for our open-enrollment courses.

These classes require a minimum headcount (3 people) to take place. When we have 3 confirmed bookings, we confirm the event, everyone books travel, our meeting room, etc. To ensure the event definately takes place bookings are binding and non-refundable. If you cannot use your ticket you may transfer it to someone else (i.e a co-worker) but there are no refunds for any reason.

If, by 2 weeks before the event starting date, we have not reached the minimum headcount (3) we will contact you and you can decide if 1) if you want a 100% refund 2) you want to reschedule to different event or 3) use your course fee as a credit toward private lessons.

Note: Bookings with “manual payment” (not paid by credit card) are considered binding, are non-cancellable, and you are liable for the entire course amount regardless of whether or not you attend.

After you book, we will keep you posted. When an event reaches minimum headcount and is officially confirmed, we’ll let you know. So please check with us before booking non-refundable travel!

We take photos and short video clips inside our class for educational and marketing purposes – you grant us permission to do so, and reserve the right to revoke this permission and have your photos and image in video deleted.

As sometimes we book our meeting room short notice (e.g. due to waiting on bookings) so we reserve the right to change locations within the same general neighborhood. You’ll be informed of the address when we confirm the course.