Executive Presentations Skills, In-house Course, September 2021

Executive presentation skills class
Executive presentation skills class

Background: What is an Impact Presenting Executive Presentation Skills Class? 


As a leader, public speaking and executive presentation skills are crucial to effectively communicate your vision and inspire your team. However, not everyone is a natural born speaker. Some people struggle to engage their audience, articulate their ideas, and convey their message with impact. That’s why executive presentation courses, such as the Impact Presenting program, can be highly beneficial for leaders who want to enhance their communication impact.

Two senior managers for Novartis Hungary wanted to up their presentation game so they got in touch. We decided that since it was only 2 of them, a 1-day program would bring the most value. So it was off to Budapest, a 3 hour train ride from Vienna. With the mission: to improve their presentation skills in just one day.  

The program started by assessing the participants’ baseline speaking skills. The coach asked them to present their subject the way they would normally do it, which provided insight into their strengths and weaknesses. This approach allowed the coach to focus on areas that needed improvement and build on existing strengths. In this case, the participants were already good at showing executive presence, but needed help developing and delivering clearer content, focusing on their audience’s needs, and providing a big picture view of the situation.

After an introduction to the 4-step Impact Presenting program, the participants engaged in practice rounds of key elements of their talk, such as their Call-To-Action. The morning session was followed by lunch, after which the afternoon session began with repeated presentation practice. The sessions were filmed to allow for later reference (something that 95% of people hate). Video feedback, in public speaking, is far and away the best tool for improvement.

In closing: A summary 

The results were impressive! Both participants improved significantly between the morning and afternoon sessions. There was a clear ability to confidently open their talk, provide better context, use body language to amplify their message, and discuss the broader implications of their proposed initiatives.  1 week later they reported back on the presentations that had given. They both found that instead of instead of their previous way of presenting (i.e. a formal reading of a list of bullet points) they could open their talk more confidently, could give better context, used their body language to amplify their message, and included discussing the broader implications of their proposed initiatives. Both participants reported back one week later that they had been successful in gaining the necessary buy-in for their projects, thanks to their enhanced presentation skills. 

This case study highlights the importance of public speaking and presentation skills for leaders, especially when it comes to gaining support for important initiatives. It also emphasizes the value of executive coaching programs that can help leaders improve their communication skills in a short amount of time. 

In conclusion, as a leader, it’s important to recognize the importance of public speaking and presentation skills and to seek out opportunities to improve them. Whether it’s through an executive coaching program or other resources, investing in your communication skills can pay dividends in terms of gaining support for your vision, inspiring your team, and achieving your goals.

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