Executive Presentation Skills Training for Native Waves, 2020

Background: Booking an executive presentation skills coaching

In October 2020 the marketing manager of Native Waves contacted us about an executive presentation skills coaching. The company, based in Salzburg, Austria, specializes in delivering 360 degree broadcasting (including live stream). They had already successfully completed the startup-phase and were now moving into the big time. Included in that growth were more and more international presentations which they realized had to be done better. Creating and delivering presentations with executive impact was their main goal.


One of the challenges a small company faces is that someone who is a “core” member of the team (i.e. founder, co-founder, Chief Technical Officer), must also be the one to give important talks. If there is an important presentation which needs to be given, they are the one audiences want to hear. Audiences want to hear from the principals, not a spokesperson. So in addition to overseeing their business, company owners need to have strong executive presentation skills.


But how you might give a presentation to your technical team is different than how you present to an external audience. And how an Austrian presents to an Austrian audience is different than how they should present to an international audience. Part of that has to do with the language (how presentations in English are done, versus German). And part of that is cultural. 

 The bottom line is that presentation and public speaking skills we learn (or rather, don’t learn) in school are not appropriate for high-stakes business settings.


The marketing manager thought it beneficial that the company founders & management team, Oliver and Christoph, further developed their public speaking skills. So he booked Eric for a 2 day session to be held on-site in a Covid-safe meeting space.


Like most Impact Presenting classes the first day covered our 4-step method.  On the first day we cover presentation best practice. The attitudes, planning, and strategy behind a good talk. Then on day2 we do practice rounds. The guys gave multiple rounds of presentations putting into use what they learned. And each time getting feedback. This included video recording and playback to identify issues inside their blind-spot.

Executive Presentation Skills: 3 key take-aways from day 1

1) Smiling + using your hands – According to Vanessa van Edwards, a behavioral expert there exists a correlation between speakers who smiled and used hand gestures in their talk and the number of “likes” it received. Additionally, hand-gestures generates energy in the room. And movement accomplishes the same. Additionally it helps with eye-contact as moving around the room will result in eye contact with different audience members without extra effort. That way everyone feels spoken to. 


2) Tell a story – the logic of your proposition should make sense, but if you want your audience to feel your enthusiasm you’ll have to invoke some emotion. By sharing something “extra” about yourself and telling them how you came to be standing before them, you can win over your audiences’ attention (and trust!). A story doesn’t have to be a “story”, it can also be a case-study, example, or just describing a previous situation. Public speaking is more than just facts and figures. Its also sharing the experience.


3) Have a clear call-to-action – Yes you can go out and talk about what’s important to you and some people might figure out what you need. But if you need something from your audience then you need to deliver a clear call to action with a timetable. So always have a clear call to action for any executive presentation. 

What came next: Day 2) Executive presentation skills in action!

After a 1 day theoretical session, I returned to critique their performances during our practice session, and all I could say is “wow”!

Oliver on stage

It was clear that they had been practicing (we took 2 weeks between sessions) and I was blown away by the enthusiasm, confidence, as well as the clarity of their message and call to action. Well done guys!


We’re quite sure we’ll be seeing and hearing more about Native Waves as they grow and continue to become more successful, and it was an honor to be a part of your journey! 

This situation is more common than you think. If you think you need help in delivering your message to the world, then perhaps a executive presentation skills is for you. 

If you think a executive presentation skills course can help you,https://impactpresenting.com/#contact

Christoph on stage

In conclusion: Final feedback

Hear more from from Oliver Dumboeck co-founder of Native Waves, about his experience with Impact Presenting’s Executive Presentation Skills course

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