Presentation Skills Open-enrollment, Zurich, Switzerland, June 2023

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Impact Presenting Zurich Class, 6/2023

A 2-Day Workshop Summary

 This blogpost summarizes our most recent 2-day open-enrollment workshop, the Impact Presenting Zurich Class

This class is in its 6th consecutive year in Zurich. With a group of just four attendees coming from Germany, Italy, and Poland, it was a personalized (and international!) learning experience which helped participants with a huge transformation to become more confident and powerful presenters. Taught by international presentation skills expert Eric Molin, this 2-day class was a journey.

 Day 1: The 4-Step Impact Presenting Method

 Eric kicked off with an intro to the Impact Presenting 4-step method. This is the foundation our training program. This method, designed to transform average speakers into great speakers breaks down the art of presenting into four manageable steps.  First up is tackling that issue 74% of public speakers have – Step A, for Anxiety. We dived deep into various techniques to help our attendees manage their nerves, turning their anxiety into fuel for dynamic and passionate presentations. After a coffee break – because great learning needs some caffeine – we explored the Step 2, which was Brain-friendly content. We unraveled the secret to crafting easily absorbed and remembered messages, ensuring our attendees’ future presentations are heard and truly listened to. Instead of text-filled slides, they discovered the power of using video, powerful quotes, flipcharts, and storytelling.

After lunch, we covered Step 3 “Dare to Engage” and how to engage the audience. This module is crucial because to captivate listeners and create an interactive presentation atmosphere is something audiences love. We finished off Day 1 by showing our attendees how to conclude their talks by asking the audience for the first steps to their call to action. This ensures their presentations translated into action which is the 4th step “Finish with First Steps”.

 Day 2: Stage, Lights, Action!

 Day 2 was when theory met practice. Each attendee had two opportunities to take center stage and deliver a presentation about what was important to them. The spotlight was theirs, and they shined. After each round Eric and their peers gave feedback. Our feedback methodology is all about encouragement. We believe in constructive feedback: First, telling the person their strengths before offering ideas for improvement. Each attendee received personalized advice tailored to their presentation style and content which were also captured on video (with participants using their phones), providing a valuable tool for later learning with feedback and self-reflection.

 Transformative Learning: Presentatons: Before and After

 The transformation we witnessed over the 48 hours was phenomenal. Nicola, the Italian procurement expert, brewed us a tantalizing presentation using brain-friendly messaging. The technique he used was comparing procurement processes to making a world-class cappuccino. This analogy was especially authentic considering he is also a certified barista coach in Italy. 

The Polish chemist, Jakub, commanded the stage with newfound confidence with his engaging and educational presentation on new scientific methodologies his team was implementing inside the company. 

Last but not least, the German sales expert Robert delivered his sales pipeline proposals with impact. He gave clear, concise arguments targeting solving every challenging problem thrown in his department’s way before announcing his powerful Call to Action to the rest of the team.

Wrapping up our Impact Presenting class

This workshop demonstrated how effective presenting skills can be learned and mastered by anyone, regardless of their personal or professional background. It was an inspiring journey also for Eric, watching his students step out of their comfort zones, embrace their fears, and emerge as polished and confident presenters. 

That’s a wrap for this 2-day journey of transformation. Stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming workshops and don’t miss the chance to kick-start your own public speaking journey with Impact Presenting. Your next stage is waiting for you just around the corner! If you want to know more, you can find our next course in Zurich here: “open enrollment” . And if you want to read about our other classes in Zurich over the years, check out our other posts here: 

Participant experiences: 

Robert G: “Unlike some other training, this course is not cluttered with content, but focuses on 4 essential steps that even amateur speakers like me can memorize and learn effectively. Eric is a great coach. He keeps the class engaged and makes this a valuable and fun experience. Recommended.”

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