Zurich Presentation Skills Course, June 2022

Zurich Presentation Skills Course Participants

Zurich Presentation Skills Course, June 2022, Open Enrollment


Public speaking is an invaluable skill that can help people advance their careers, grow their businesses, and achieve personal growth. Impact Presenting, based in Vienna, holds a presentation skills course, over 2-days, in Zurich, Switzerland 2 to 3 times a year . This case study summarizes the key takeaways from our class in June 2022.


The Impact Presenting course in Zurich is a two-day workshop that aims to give participants with the tools and techniques to become better public speakers. The course was designed for individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced speakers. The format includes interactive sessions, group exercises, and individual coaching. 

Our Impact Presenting classes in Europe are always a mix of nationalities and professions and this was no different: we had  a French representative for an NGO in Geneva, 2 managers from ABB Mobility, and a Columbian petroleum engineer working for StatOil in Norway.

Challenges Faced by Participants:

Everyone faced the usual challenges when it came to public speaking. Some struggled with stage fright. Others found it hard to structure their presentations for mixed audiences. Additionally, almost all the participants were unsure how to connect with their audiences. Audience engagement was usually a hit-or-miss affair. And finally, a couple found it hard to convey their messages in a concise manner. Speaking too much was their issue.

The Agenda:

The program was the best-selling Impact Presenting Classic. This 2 day program changes presentation style and culture from showing slides to owning the stage. With effective presentation structure, attention-grabbing opening, and how to deliver key messages and close with impact. Additionally it covers how to connect with audiences. Using body language, voice modulation, and storytelling, its possible to connect with your listeners. 

As with other courses first we give theoretical input on day 1 (covering the basics of the 4-step method). Then on day 2, lots of stage-time with individual attention for everyone. 

Results Achieved by Participants:

The course in Zurich helped everyone achieve significant boosts in their public speaking skills. Participants reported that the skills they learned in the seminar helped them deliver better talks, resulting in better business outcomes.

Case Study: Participant A

Participant A was a senior executive who struggled with delivering presentations in a clear and concise manner. She often found herself rambling and losing her audience’s attention. After attending, she reported significant improvements in her talks. She felt more confident when delivering presentations and was able to structure her messages more effectively. She also learned how to engage her audience, boosting the emotional energy in the room. All while delivering her initiatives in a clear actionable package.  And getting the action she is looking for.


When signing up for the class participants were nervous about what the class would be like. For example, many of them had bad experiences in school with being nitpicked by teachers or professors. But what everyone realized is that those days are over. The great thing about being a business presenter is that as long as you get your message across clearly and confidently, with a clear call to action, and show results – no one cares exactly how you do it.  

And everyone additionally realized that they were a lot better on stage presenting than they thought they were!. We are usually our own worst critics but through group positive feedback, everyone had more confidence than when they walked into the class.

The Impact Presenting is an excellent investment for anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills and achieve more success in their career. See our calendar https://impactpresenting.com/#OEPSC for our next class in Zurich or your city.


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