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Washington DC Open-Enrollment Presentation Skills Class, by Impact Presenting®


Welcome to our blog post summarizing our last annual presentation skills class, Washington DC, held in 2019 This blogpost answers the question “what happens in a typical Impact Presenting presentation skills class?”

The cornerstone is the Impact Presenting 4-step method. Let’s run though the steps…

Step 1 is Anxiety 

which focuses first on speaking anxiety which is a major hurdle for many individuals. In fact, up to 74% of the US population suffers from it according to the National Mental Health Institute.

First, we help participants overcome this fear and feel more excitement when speaking in public. Re-framing anxiety to excitement and anxious energy into enthusiasm are key to this and are covered in great detail. And with our feedback rules we created a supportive and non-judgmental environment, where participants felt encouraged to gradually step out of their comfort zones, discover their unique strengths and learned to channel their authentic selves into their presentations.

Step 2 is “Brain Friendly Content”

A clear and concise message is the most powerful element of an effective talk. Participants identified the core objectives of their presentations, helping them eliminate unnecessary clutter and focus on key points and eliminating the word-heavy slides from their slide decks.

Students also learn the power of business storytelling, allowing them to connect with their audience on an emotional level (not just a logical one) By structuring narratives that shared relatable experiences, they created a more memorable (and actionable!) impact than just showing bullet points.

Step 3 is Engagement

Engaging an audience requires more than just delivering information; information is freely available anywhere. Instead, what audiences demand, is the presenter to show their emotional stake in their subject. So we covered how to not only engage their audiences intellect, but their emotions as well and the students discovered how to create memorable moments that would resonate long after the presentation ended.

Step 4: Feedback 

On the second day, participants had the opportunity to put theory into practice, solidifying their new knowledge and skills. Each participant took turns presenting subjects important to them (either professionally, personally, or best – a mix of both) in front of the group, receiving valuable feedback from not just the coach, but also their peers.

As the day progressed, we collectively witnessed the transformation in confidence among the participants. Through constructive feedback and targeted coaching, they identified areas for improvement. By the end of the day, each participant had made significant strides with a newfound sense of assurance and purpose in their presentations.

Case Study 1

Before attending the course, Mary, a finance executive, struggled with speaking anxiety and found it challenging to convey her ideas effectively. However, through our course, she gained the tools and techniques to manage her anxiety and deliver a better presentation. By the end of the class, by focusing on her authentic self and incorporating storytelling, Mary’s presentations became more relatable and people were more emotionally involved than before.

Case Study 2

John, an engineer with limited presentation experience, joined our course seeking to boost his communication skills. Throughout the two days, John not only gained a deeper understanding of clear messaging but also learned how to engage and connect with his (mostly non-technical) audiences. By the end of the course, John had transformed from a reserved technician to a dynamic communicator, captivating his audience with his newfound confidence.

In closing

Our two-day Public Speaking Class, Washington DC provided participants with a transformative experience, equipping them with the essential skills to conquer speaking anxiety, formulate clear messages, and engage and win over their audiences. Through theory, practice, and individualized coaching, each participant experienced significant growth, becoming more confident presenters.

At Impact Presenting we are committed to helping individuals share their ideas with authenticity, clarity, and conviction to get the results they need. Find out more about our classes here:

We are in the DC area once a year. If you would like to join us next time, or know more about why you should join us, then get in touch.

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