Presentation Skills Course FAU, 2024

Impact Presenting University Workshop at FAU 2024 with Eric Molin, MBA


Enhancing Presentation Skills with Impact Presenting


FAU University recently hosted a workshop on practical presentation skills, delivered by Eric Molin of Impact Presenting®. The session aimed to equip the students of the Standards of Decision-Making Across Cultures program with the ability to deliver better talks and presentations.  Key lessons included:


Transforming Anxiety into Enthusiasm


The workshop provided a practical approach to managing anxiety, drawing on a Harvard Business School study that suggests embracing excitement can enhance performance and boost perceived competence. The advice given was not just theoretical, but actionable, focusing on how to channel anxiety into a positive focus through thorough preparation and planning to connect with the audience. This practical guidance, designed to be easily implemented, left students feeling equipped and ready to apply the lessons in their presentations.


Setting Clear and Engaging Goals


A significant portion of the workshop was dedicated to the strategic importance of setting clear, engaging goals for presentations. Students explored various methods to achieve this, including the use of AI tools. The facilitator stressed the importance of engaging the audience from the start and keeping their needs in focus. This strategic approach to goal-setting, which empowered students to take control of their presentations, left them feeling confident and ready for academic and professional settings.


Interactive Practice and Feedback


Students had interactive sessions where they practiced their presentation skills and received constructive feedback. Analyzing before-and-after videos of public speakers, students identified the audience engagement techniques they could also use.


Preparing for Future Success


The workshop concluded with actionable next steps for students to continue improving their presentation skills. These included practicing effective use of body language, opening presentations with attention-grabbing techniques, and ending with a solid call to action. Additionally, students were encouraged to read the provided Impact Presenting book and join public speaking clubs for ongoing practice. This ongoing support and the availability of resources left students feeling supported and encouraged in their journey to becoming better presenters.



By hosting these types of workshops, our university has proven itself committed to providing students with the skills and confidence needed to excel in their academic and professional careers.


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Graduation picture, virtual Impact Presenting Class, June 2024
Graduation picture, virtual Impact Presenting Class, June 2024

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