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What is Impact Presenting®?

Do you want to boost your public speaking skills – quickly and permanently? If you or your team struggle with giving impactful presentations – you can change that now.

Impact Presenting® is a modern and easy-to-learn original methodology for boosting your public speaking and presentation skills quickly, for better talks the very next day. We do not offer extended programs which take weeks or months: we aim to help, quickly. 


Our courses are tailored to our participants so they can speak with more confidence and impact at their next client pitch, internal discussion, virtual meeting, or any other occasion.

With Impact Presenting® 4-Steps Learn To:

  • Give better presentations for in-person, virtual, or mixed/hybrid audiences
  • Fearless public speaking for shy people / introverts
  • Speak with Impact to Upper Management/Executives/C-Suite
  • Deliver persuasive sales presentations & pitches to clients
  • Give clear training and overviews on complicated subjects
  • Inform, motivate, train, or persuade an audience of 1 person or an audience of 1000 people, anytime & anywhere, for any reason
This is the Impact 4 Step Model, with Step 1, anxiety, authenticity, and your audiencee, Step 2 Brain Friendly Content and Call to Action, Step 3 dare to engage and deliver with enthusiasm, and step 4 finishing with first steps, and feedback

Because You Have Important Things to Say!

  • Present with more impact, both in-person, and virtually
  • Feel less anxiety and more excited about speaking to groups (even for introverts)
  • Talk about complex subject matter, clearly, even to non-experts
  • Project authority and overcome “impostor syndrome”
    Use business storytelling for impact and memorability
  • Engage your audience and get the buy-in you need to make your ideas happen!

How Can You Learn Impact Presenting?

Attend an open-enrollment seminar in one of our European or US cities (see dates below) or a pop-up class

Book an in-house class for you and your team. Read about some of our previous in-house events here and sample 1 on 1 class here

Classes are offered on an in-person basis across Europe and the USA, and virtually worldwide

And Afterwards?​

You will feel less anxious and look forward to opportunities to speak with more confidence, and make a greater impact on your audiences, customers, colleagues, boss, or business partners.

We offer an immediate Return On your training Investment. Ask us how we calculate this.

Since starting in 2011, we’re proud to say we have helped thousands of professionals coming from dozens of countries enjoy greater success on whichever stage they find themselves on.


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Client References

Read what previous customers have experienced

Francesca Manta

Francesca Manta

Associate Director
Business Social Responsibility

Dr Susanne Kruse

Dr Susanne Kruse

Program Director
Hanover Biomedical Research School

Oliver Dumboeck

Oliver Dumboeck

Founder & Chief Technical Officer
NativeWaves GmbH

Joosje van E.
Joosje van E.
14:00 24 Jun 22
This was the best and most motivating workshop on presentation skills I have ever been to. I am usually a very nervous public speaker but Eric convinced me with this workshop that public speaking can be a fun and entertaining activity for both the speaker and the audience which makes the experience better for everyone 🙂 really great workshop.
Avery P.
Avery P.
18:29 19 Aug 22
Eric was a great coach and gave everyone in the class great tips on becoming a better speaker. How to build on your weaknesses and speak with more confidence. Thank you!
Daniel B.
Daniel B.
11:42 05 Oct 22
I attending the two-day Impact Presenting course and found it to be very useful and practical. Eric has developed an excellent reference manual and his clear guidance and feedback on short presentations given by the participants had an immediate and visible positive impact.
Matthew D.
Matthew D.
18:19 18 Jan 23
My team and I had the privilege of attending a one-day intensive with Eric Molin and we thoroughly enjoyed it. He was creative, engaging and gave encouraging feedback to all of us. By the end of the day we had all made considerable steps towards becoming better communicators.Thank you, Eric!
Izzy K.
Izzy K.
08:44 25 Jan 23
As a shy person who always had nervous breakdowns before presentations, I very much enjoyed this training since Eric really makes one feel comfortable and thought us lots of tricks to calm down and gain confidence and present in a way that its a story and not just boring blabla. The training really gives you a framework how to build your presentations in your own way and work and build up on it over the years to come.Eric is a very down to earth person and makes one feel super comfortable, which is really necessary since you need to be able to open up when presenting. He gave us the perfect platform to test our own limits and play around with our competences.
Antonia L.
Antonia L.
17:00 30 Jan 23
I had long-lasting wish to have a Training for Presentations skills with the native speaker. I wanted to have either UK or US trainer, but preferably US one as I consider them for good public speakers. It was not easy to find somebody in my part of the Europe (Central), but when I saw the possibility to have one and one with good rating in Vienna, I immediately applied.It met all my expectations - it was lively, with many practical examples (either via videos or we could have trained our own topics). We got many tips about how to relax before going on the stage, how to open the speech, what to do with the arms/hands/legs and eyes. We had opportunity to ask many questions, give each other feedback, but also go into tips for eg. Virtual meetings.I can only recommend that kind of the training to anybody who would like to practice speaking in front of the people

Open-Enrollment Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Courses

If you want to attend a group-class as a private individual, then have a look at our public open-enrollment Impact Presenting courses held in-person across the US, Europe, as well as virtually

Classes are held in small groups (3 to 6 people) to maximize hands-on practice time

Vienna public speaking class
Vienna 2-Day Impact Presenting Class
June 19, 2023
Am Gestade 3, A1010 Wien
Public Speaking Class Zurich
Zurich 2-Day Impact Presenting Class
June 21, 2023
Quartierzentrum Bäckeranlage, Hohlstrasse 67, Zürich, Switzerland

"Pop-Up" Classes

Don't see your ideal city or date ? No problem! That's what pop-up classes are for. Pop-up classes are open-courses scheduled based on group availability. Once we have a date/location suitable for at least 3 people, the course is booked!

On-Site and In-House Company Events

Are there others in your company who want to present with impact? Or do you want to connect a public speaking class with another company event i.e. building a stronger team with a hybrid speaking training/team-building event?

Then book an in-house event!
Have a customized training, coaching, or keynote talk, delivered at your company offices or off-site location of your choosing with a completely flexible schedule, class size, and agenda that fits your exact needs.

We offer 1/2 day, 1-day , 2-day, or 3-day courses.

Group size:
From 1 person to 100+ people. Larger groups? Get in touch with us

Curriculum and agenda:
Customized to your exact specifications. You’ll have a pre-event consultation where we define the agenda together and deliver you a custom one-of-a-kind workshop to get you the results you need.

Locations served:
Anywhere in the continental USA/Canada and Europe and virtually worldwide check with us

Benefits of an in-house workshop:

  • Integrate public speaking skills into your employee talent development programs
  • Powerful team-building effects – your team members learn to build up each other’s strengths
  • Privacy: practice with confidential subjects and data
  • The perfect add-on event – turn get-togethers into fun opportunities to become great speakers, together

If you want to know more, just get in touch!

Eric Molin is an international public speaking expert, head coach, author, and founder of Impact Presenting. He has 10+ years of international experience working across 16 countries, with both an MBA (Krems) and training in stage acting (Meisner), and his passion is helping people channel their inner voice outwards to make their impact on any stage, anytime and about any subject.

He offers a fun and unique learning experience with learning by doing and experimentation, avoiding the academic approach. His classroom is a place to lose your insecurities, try new things, discover skills and talents you never knew you had and become the speaker you always wanted to be!

Originally from the US, he has lived in Vienna, Austria, for approximately half his life and when there isn’t a pandemic going on, spends most of his time on the road teaching classes across Europe and North America. 

Our Graduation Gallery

And the results? A fresh enthusiasm to go hit the stage and start presenting! This is our goal for every one of our classes, seminars, and workshops. See some of our graduates below. For more details about that class, click the photo