Presenting with Impact at Friedrich Alexander University 2022

What is Presenting With Impact ?


Effective communication is a critical skill for success in any professional setting. It is no surprise then that Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany, hosted a half-day public speaking class for their Elite Graduate Program “Decision Making Across Cultures”. 

In collaboration with Impact Presenting® the class, “Presenting With Impact,” was specifically designed to help international students develop effective presenting skills. We designed the course to be 50% theory, and 50% practice.  The idea is that theory alone doesn’t help. Public speaking is a skill which needs practice, and feedback.

Led by Eric Molin, the owner of Impact Presenting®, and organized by Dr Anna Schneider, the program provided students with personalized training, feedback, and advice. A key focus area was to help them overcome issues such as nervousness, lack of confidence, and cultural differences. Through interactive exercises, the students learned the importance of body language, vocal delivery, and storytelling in presenting. They were also taught how to tailor their messages to meet the needs of their audience (a crucial aspect of presenting with impact).


The morning session involved Eric giving theoretical input. This included reviewing public speaking case studies and previous client before/after presentation videos. Students learned from real-life examples of effective public speaking and saw the change when speakers applied key techniques. In the afternoon, Eric gave each student 2-3 minutes to deliver a presentation on their own topic. After presenting to the rest of the class, they received feedback from Eric and their peers. This exercise provided an opportunity for the students to practice what they learned and get feedback on their performance.

Students took away many key lessons from the class. For example, that anxiety before public speaking is normal and that it can be managed through special preparation. They also learned the impact of the first few seconds of a talk. They also learned that using a clear call-to-action can focus their audience on the issue at hand. Additionally, they were reminded that presenting with impact means finding a flow without too many details at the beginning of their talk.

Overall, Eric’s interactive exercises, personalized feedback, and group discussions helped everyone develop better communication skills. These communication skills are essential in today’s globalized world. As businesses become increasingly international, individuals who possess these skills are in high demand. Thus, investing in presentation and public speaking skills for uni students makes sense. 

In the words of Warren Buffet “An investment in education pays the best interest”. Read about the class on the university page: 

In conclusion

FAU’s virtual public speaking class for their DMAC program was a success. The students who participated learned skills that they could apply both in their professional and personal lives. Not only improving their career prospects, but their lives outside of school & work. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Impact Presenting® university program is available to universities interested in making this investment in their students and faculty. By offering in these programs, they are helping their students become more business savvy. Additionally, they are also contributing to the development of a more culturally aware society. By investing in presentation and public speaking skills, universities also help their students succeed after their university studies.

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