Public Speaking And Presentation Skills Course Amsterdam 2022

A group photo of the students of Impact Presenting Amsterdam, 2022

Impact Presenting’s public speaking and presentation skills course Amsterdam is back!




The pandemic slowed us down, but didn’t stop us. The public speaking and presentation skills course Amsterdam is back. We are now back in in BeNeLux 2-3x per year for our Open-Enrollment Impact Presenting class.

As per the usual for our public speaking and presentation skills courses, we had a diverse group of participants. A Canadian business development representative based in Switzerland who had to deliver pitches to partners. A Russian IT project manager relocated to Amsterdam presenting updates to her team. There was a Norwegian HR vice president also based in Amsterdam who had talks with her whole company. There was a social media manager based in Munich who needed executive buy-in for her ideas. And a Kenyan scientific pre-sales consultant working for the European office of a US based satellite photography company.

5 very different individuals. But despite their varying backgrounds and nationalities, they shared the same challenges in public speaking. Firstly, almost everyone experiences some level of anxiety when speaking to groups. Secondly, everyone had important messages they needed to convey to their audiences and the delivery and acting upon of those messages could be better.

The program: what is taught in a public speaking and presentation skills class?

The Impact Presenting approach is a two-step process. Firstly, there is a theoretical side, which teaches students how to manage their speaking anxiety, craft a compelling call to action, and engage their audience. Secondly, students get on stage in front of the class to practice their newly acquired skills. This approach ensures students learn what works… and what doesn’t.

The class also covered the basics of better virtual presentations, which are increasingly important in the age of remote work and online events. Students learned small hacks to improve their virtual impact and engage their audience more effectively.

It is clear that the benefits of learning to present with impact are numerous. By developing these skills, individuals can gain a competitive edge in their careers and communicate their ideas with greater clarity and confidence. This is particularly important in multinational contexts, where effective communication is key to navigating cultural differences and making informed decisions.

Public speaking skills have a positive impact on personal development too. Overcoming anxiety and mastering the art of presenting can build confidence and self-assurance, which have far-reaching effects in both personal and professional realms.

Impact Presenting is not only for individuals. If you have a large team who needs better public speaking, we can help with that too! We can offer our exclusive programs in-house and on-site at your company. Or, if you prefer a retreat, we can do an off-site program. 

Additionally: universities, governmental organizations NGO’s, and non-profits, can also benefit. By offering these programs to their staff as part of your corporate learning program, you can equip your team with one of the most valuable skills an employee can have: the ability to leverage a group to help achieve big goals. 

Ask us if you are eligible for a discount!

In closing: 


In conclusion, the return of Impact Presenting’s presentation skill and public speaking classes in Amsterdam marks a step forward in our BeNeLux presence. We are again able to help individuals and organizations in this dynamic market present with greater impact. With our unique two-step approach, practical focus, and commitment to diversity, these classes provide a valuable learning opportunity for anyone seeking to improve their public speaking skills and make a meaningful impact on their audiences.

For more information see our open-enrollment schedule for the course nearest to you. Classes are offered in Zurich, Amsterdam, Brussels, Vienna, Munich, Barcelona, Paris, Copenhagen and Milan throughout the year. And in the US, New York and Washington DC on demand (pop-up lessons only). get in touch for more info.
This course is open-enrollment to the public and has a focus on presentation skills and public speaking.

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