Public Speaking Class Washington DC 2018

Graduates of the Washington DC Impact Presenting public speaking course

Public Speaking Class, Washington DC, class review December 2018

We offer a class in Washington DC 1x per year. In October
2018, our DC public speaking class was almost cancelled due to Hurricane

But the eight participants who ignored this and attended the
class were rewarded with an extraordinary learning experience. Led by
public speaking coach Eric Molin, the class brought together
individuals from government and military agencies, non-profit organizations,
and foreign investment and trade entities. This unique group of attendees all
shared a specific challenge, as their organizations often required the heavy
use of and reliance on PowerPoint presentations. Employees are often required
to spend excessive amounts of time meticulously crafting slides that adhere to
strict rules. Unfortunately, this focus on slide preparation is counterproductive. It often leaves
limited room for honing other essential presentation skills resulting in
one-dimensional presentations. In this blog post, we will explore the
techniques taught during this class, highlighting how participants were able to
make their presentations more interesting and captivating while not breaking
their organizational rules

The 2-day agenda: 

Understanding the limitations imposed by organizational rules, Eric designed the class to equip participants with techniques that could enhance their presentations by utilizing their slides more effectively. Eric encouraged participants to consider alternative approaches. Some of those are beginning their presentations without any slides, using a blank screen to capture the audience’s attention. This technique allowed speakers to use storytelling, audience polls, demos, or other ways of engaging the audience before showing the required slides.

The Importance of Storytelling

One crucial aspect that Eric extensively covered in the class was the art of storytelling. Recognizing that storytelling does not come naturally to everyone, Eric facilitated exercises to warm up the participants and enhance their storytelling abilities. Storytelling was found to be an effective way to communicate data and engage the audience by sharing personal experiences related to the subject matter. By incorporating storytelling techniques, participants were able to transform their presentations into captivating narratives

Participants explored ways to diversify their delivery, incorporating body language and vocal variety to enhance their impact ensuring that the PowerPoint served as a side show rather than the main attraction.

 An essential lesson everyone learned from the class was that PowerPoint is merely a tool in the presenter’s arsenal. It is comparable to musical instruments in an orchestra—a trombone, snare drum, or cymbals—that adds impact to the overall performance but lacks appeal on its own. By embracing this perspective, they were able to free themselves from the constraints of traditional slide-centric approaches and explore alternative methods to captivate their audiences.


 In Closing

Despite the initial uncertainty caused by the hurricane (which finally drifted back out to sea), the participants in the Public Speaking Class Washington DC, December 2018, finished the course. The two-day workshop equipped them with the skills and techniques needed for better business talks, imbued with a new sense of showmanship, and excited about now bringing even the most mundane subject to life in their future talks. 

 Thank you everyone!

Join us next time! We are in the USA twice a year, so check our class dates here:  and get in touch for more info!

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