Executive Public Speaking Course Brussels, 2018

Background: In-house Public Speaking Course.

What can you expect from an executive public speaking course? Just outside Brussels, Belgium, ten pharmaceutical executives gathered at their company’s headquarters for a one-day executive public speaking course for 2 of their management teams. The classes were taught by public speaking expert, Eric Molin. The workshop was designed to teach these executives how to become more confident and effective speakers. Not only in formal presentations but also  everyday communication, internal meetings, and phone calls.

We kicked off on why we were there. After all, you don’t book senior managers for a day off unless there is a real issue. In this case, upper management realized that their presentations could be a lot better. This was the first step. The next step was to call an expert.

The agenda:

The first module of the day focused step 1 of the 4-step Impact Presenting Method and how to approach the idea of public speaking: In their preparation, and also (despite being executive management) about being nervous. We then moved on to step 2, how to build a brain friendly message with a call to action. Eric shared his input on how to structure a presentation, how to use storytelling to engage the audience, and how to use body language and vocal delivery to enhance the impact of the presentation. 

After a short break, everyone moved onto the second session, step 3 (deliver with enthusiasm). This module focuses on practical application. The participants practiced their presentations in front of everyone. One after the next, all of them first got feedback from Eric, then from their peers. With the solutions focus model of focusing on our strengths, feedback became something to look forward to. (instead of dread). Eric also gave extra provided guidance on how to improve their delivery and message. Public speaking is much more than the words you say, its much more important how you say them.

The final session of the day focused on step 4, first steps, and handling tough situations which can come up when giving a talk. We discussed how to handle unexpected questions, and deal with challenging audience members. 

In conclusion

This public speaking course was an excellent investment for the participants and their company. The participants found they could focus better to delivering better and more persuasive presentations. All the while, taking less time to prepare as they could use the simple Impact Presenting method. After a followup call 1 month later, they reported that presentation preparation time was cut to 1/3rd of the usual time (before the class). Its clear that public speaking will help all of them become more effective leaders. We look forward to hosting similar workshops for them in the future and helping more executives become confident and effective public speakers.

If you are interested in a similar workshop for yourself or your company, we’re happy to help you with that just let us know

2-Day Brussels Impact Presenting If your employer does not have enough people to book an in-house course, attend a course on your own! Read about our open events 

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