Vienna Presentation Skills Class, January 2023

Vienna public speaking class 2023 
Vienna Presentation Skills Class, Jan 2023

Background: Why Take a Presentation Skills Class?

Have you struggled with nerves when presenting or found it difficult to engage your audience and keep their attention while giving a talk? If so, you’re not alone. These are common challenges that many professionals face when presenting. A lot more than you might think in fact, with 70%+ of adults reported to have speaking anxiety. But the good news is that this can be changed, and the Impact Presenting Classic course can help you improve your presentation skills and become a more confident and effective presenter, quickly. Here’s a quick review of one of our recent classes.

In January 2023, a small group of professionals from different industries gathered in Vienna for one of our open-enrollment presentation skills classes. We host these 2-day classes 4-6 times a year across Europe. Designed to be small, with 3-6 people, this course was on the small side. While everyone had different levels of public speaking experience, they shared a common goal: to improve their communication skills and become more confident presenters. With only 3 people attending, everyone got lots of personalized attention. 

The class was taught by Eric Molin, owner and founder of the Impact Presenting method, a presentation skills expert based in Vienna.


On Day 1, the course focused on how to structure a presentation and get away from the “tell them everything that’s nice to know and hope they understand it” with a targeted approach using the AUDIENCEE Model to analyze their audience first, then create a brain friendly message. We then covered the how to use a strong opening and closing, as well as storytelling, to engage the audience. Eric also taught them how to use their body language effectively, including eye contact, using hand gestures, and using the space on stage to create a dynamic presentation.

In addition, we covered how to have a powerful vocal delivery. Techniques such as projecting your voice, varying the pace and tone, and using pauses effectively were all a part of this module.  And in closing, a reflection with open question & answer session.

Then on day 2, participants jumped on stage to practice their new skills in a safe and supportive environment. The feedback at the end of the class was that overall they felt more confident when presenting, and could better structure their talks. They also felt they could engage their audience more successfully. One participant, who previously struggled with nervousness when presenting, reported that the class helped her to manage her anxiety and feel more comfortable in front of a group.

Another participant, who had previously struggled with engaging his audience, reported that storytelling helped create a more dynamic and engaging presentation. He also reported feeling more confident in their ability to read his audience.


Overall, the seminar was a success. The new skills learned helped everyone to become more effective and confident communicators. Contrary to before, they now felt more eager and excited for opportunities to go give talks!

If you’re looking to improve your presentation skills and become a more confident and effective presenter, consider enrolling in a presentation skills class. Get in touch – we’re happy to tell you more about how we can help.

Participant statement: 

Antonia L – Prague, Czechia

“I had long-lasting wish to have a Presentations Skills Class with a native speaker. I wanted to have either a UK or US trainer, but preferably a US one as I consider them better public speakers. It was not easy to find somebody in my part of Europe (Central), but when I saw the possibility to have one and one with good rating in Vienna, I immediately applied.  

It met all my expectations – it was lively, with practical examples (either videos or our own practice rounds). We got many tips about how to relax before going on the stage, how to open our speech, what to do with our arms/hands/legs and eyes. We had the opportunity to ask many questions, give each other feedback, but also go into tips for eg. Virtual meetings. 

I can only recommend that kind of the training to anybody who would like to practice speaking in front of people”


Vienna public speaking class


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