Impact Presenting: Vienna public speaking class, 10/23

Vienna Public Speaking Class Summary


Most people think Vienna is about classical music, horse-drawn carriages, schnitzel, and beer. But not a place where you would go to change your professional future over a couple of days by developing your public speaking skills. But that’s what four professionals coming from all over Europe came here to do. In our group, we had an attorney working at a prominent global NGO, an engineer, a value chain expert, and a marketing analyst from a leading online classified marketplace. These students brought a unique perspective and particular expertise to the classroom. Yet, they all had the same goal: to feel more confident and deliver information more effectively in their presentations.



Cracking the Code: The AUDIENCEE Model in Action



At Impact Presenting, we understand that effective presentations are not one-size-fits-all. That’s why we created the AUDIENCEE model, an easy-to-remember framework designed to tailor presentations perfectly. Let’s break it down: A for “audience” and that each one is different, U for their understanding of the topic, D for demographics, I for interests, E for the environment, N for needs, C for customizing for the audience and 2x more E for expectations and emotions. 


This model guarantees that you’ll be as prepared as you can be for your audience.



Step A: Embracing Anticipation instead of Anxiety


The journey began with conquering, statistically speaking, people’s most considerable fear: speaking anxiety (according to the NIMH, 74% of people in the US have this as their biggest fear). 



The best presentations come from genuine connections, not rehearsed slides. Everyone in the class learned to embrace their unique and authentic styles instead of trying to present like someone else. Once people understood that fear could be channeled into enthusiasm, their confidence soared.



Step B+C: Crafting Brain-Friendly Content



With anxiety in check, the focus shifted to content creation. Forget mundane PowerPoints; our class delved into the realm of brain-friendly content. We explored the art of storytelling, the impact of multimedia elements like using photos and video, and interactive tools like flipcharts or online collaborative tools (for virtual audiences). 



By the end of this session, everyone had a new toolkit to transform ordinary everyday information into compelling narratives that captivated audiences.



Step D+E: Delivering with Enthusiasm & Dare to Engage


In step 3, we dived into generating enthusiasm, better delivery, and audience engagement. The first part of the module focused on refining body language and vocal modulation. Attendees learned the nuances of posture, gestures, and intonation, turning their talks into performances. The 2nd part of the module, the dare-to-engage phase, was the game-changer. Eric introduced techniques like interactive questioning, live polls, and group engagement, giving our group many ideas to create an immersive experience for their audience.



Step F: Finishing with First Steps


The wrap-up on day 2 of our Vienna class was Step F: Finishing with First Steps. Here, attendees learned to conclude their presentations with clear, actionable steps. Whether it was a call to action, a thought-provoking question, or a challenge to the audience, each participant crafted a memorable ending that resonated with Impact Presenting’s ethos – making presentations that drive action.



The Impact: Transformative Growth and Ongoing Confidence


In closing: 


As the class concluded, the transformation was tangible. The attorney, once apprehensive about public speaking, now exuded confidence in every word. The engineer, typically reserved, found her voice and presented her ideas with clarity and conviction. The value chain professional and marketing analyst discovered the power of engaging their audience, creating connections beyond the presentation into “what comes next.”


Beyond the tangible skills, our attendees walked away with a newfound belief in their ability to influence, inspire, and lead through presentations. Their testimonials echoed the sentiment – Impact Presenting didn’t just enhance their presentation skills; it transformed their outlook on communication.



Why Impact Presenting Stands Out from Other Training Programs


What sets Impact Presenting apart is that we don’t believe in molding our attendees into a prescribed presentation style. Instead, we foster their natural abilities, helping them discover their unique voice and presence. Whether you’re an attorney or a marketing analyst, our approach is tailored to amplify your strengths.



Calling HR Talent Development: Your Team’s Next Game-Changer


To HR professionals and management considering presentation and public speaking skills training for their teams, look no further. Impact Presenting’s open enrollment classes are not just classes to tick off an employee’s training checklist; they are transformative experiences. Imagine your employees stepping into a space where their speaking confidence soars, their persuasion skills sharpen, and their impact multiplies. Are you ready to unlock your team’s full potential? Reach out to us today, and let’s start your journey that will redefine the way your employees present, connect, and inspire.  


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